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Looking for the number one meat supplier in Malverne? Look no further than Malverne Butcher Shop! Our expert butchers will provide you with the best prime beef in town!

Let’s Grill It

So, you're planning a grill party, but you don't know what meat to get for your guests. Malverne Butcher Shop has exactly what you need—we offer an exciting selection of prime beef, considered the highest quality cut of meat by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Prime beef is a well-fed piece of young cattle typically sold in restaurants and hotels. With abundant marbling, this cut is a crowd favorite, thanks to its incredible tenderness, juiciness, and flavor. Our experts recommend our prime cuts for dry cooking, such as grilling, roasting, or broiling. Contact us today to order, and let’s get your party started.

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Prime Meat Shop Malverne
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Prime Beef and Your Health

When you choose Malverne Butcher Shop, you can expect nothing less than the finest prime meat. We source from New York’s leading ranches and suppliers to ensure you get the most of every cut. Loaded with high-grade protein, vitamins, and minerals, our beef is both ultra-juicy extremely nutritious.

A juicy piece of quality red meat can even improve muscle growth, function, and performance during exercise. And, if you suffer from anemia, our premium beef is also an amazing source of iron. Ready to enjoy all the benefits of our tender, delicious beef? Call us today—we also sell fresh poultry, sausages and all sorts of custom and retail cuts!

Boost your performance with quality beef


Prime Meat Shop Valley Stream,

Meat lovers rejoice!

Discover a world of fresh, healthy meat from Malverne Butcher Shop. Call us today!

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